He was once again defeated by Goku at the beginning of the Great Saiyaman Saga when, along with Super Perfect Cell, Frieza, King Cold and the other members of the Ginyu Force (minus Captain Ginyu), he was torturing the ogres in order to divulge information as a means to escape from Hell. He accompanies Ginyu in confronting Goku, after Ginyu reads Goku's power Jeice comments on how it seemed weird. Jeice teams up with Burter again, though both are blasted into Hell by Tien Shinhan, where they fall into the Bloody Pond. Juice remains on the sidelines as a spectator as Ginyu fight Goku in a one-on-one battle. Franchise: Dragon Ball. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Ginyu was furious with Jeice for running away and nearly fired him before they both returned to the battlefield. The original Ocean Dub gave Juice a more Liverpudlian accent compared to the FUNimation dub's Australian. He is dishonorable, as he was willing to attack Goku when his back was turned and had no problems using dirty tactics to gain an advantage. Jason Liebrecht, Scott McNeil are the English dub voices of Jeicein Dragon Ball Kai, and Daisuke Kishio is the Japanese voice. Christopher Sabat. He wears a white variant of the regular Battle Armor that most soldiers in Frieza's army wears, but due to being a member of the Ginyu Force, he has a small Ginyu Force inspired logo located on one of his Battle Armor chest plates. Like Burter, he lost the initial Rock-Paper-Scissors contest with Recoome and did not get to fight either Gohan, Krillin or Vegeta. Whis trains Goku and Vegeta to become Super Saiyan Blue, Goku and Vegeta bribe Whis with food - Duration: 11:51. newgarden09 886,409 views Anime Jeice (ジース, Jīsu) is a member of the Ginyu Force, acting as Ginyu's second in command[3][4] and fighting partner of Burter. After Jeice does some posing for a while with Ginyu, Goku arrives in Ginyu's body, still damaged. that allows the player to enable voice acting for certain characters, as well as the announcer. Jeice and Burter then play to see who will get to take on the two Earthlings and finish what Guldo tried to start. This results in Captain Ginyu releasing Goku from his grip, warning Jeice never to meddle again while he is in combat, or he will get into deep trouble. He wears a black variant of the usual uniform most of Frieza's army wears but, due to being a member of the Ginyu Force, has a small logo located on one of his Battle Armor chest plates. Burter is aware that he isn't actually the fast… Occupation Professional Baseball player,[2] Elite Soldier Gender Juice later suggests Captain Ginyu to use the body changing technique, which he uses after seeing Goku's true power to far exceed his own. In Dragon Ball: Yo! Anime name Jeice FUNimation Dub: Christopher R. Sabat (Dragon Ball Z), Jason Liebricht (Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2) MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Alternate name(s) As they quickly trade blows in Frieza's ship, Jeice manages to ram Vegeta into a ventilation shaft, he thinks he has gained the upper hand. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! Christopher Joyce, Actor: Kôkaku Kidôtai. Generally, voice packs are obtained through DLC, either in a special voice pack DLC for base game and bonus characters, or bundled with the character's DLC for DLC characters. In another instance exclusive to the anime, he and the rest of the deceased Ginyu Force members travel to King Kai's Planet and square off against the Dragon Team who were still training there. Jeice is present with the Ginyu Force and Frieza Force during King Cold and Frieza's visit to Planet Vegeta to inform the Saiyan Army of King Cold's plans to retire and handing over control of his empire to Frieza. Mutant Brench-seijin[1] His power level is 64,000 in the RPG video games Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza and Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu. Juice then tells Vegeta to piss off and punches him in the face, which has no effect on the Saiyan prince. Space Australian Vincent Martella Actor | Phineas and Ferb Vincent Michael Martella was born in Rochester, New York, to Donna and Michael Martella, who owns a pizza chain. Homeworld Jeice is of average height compared to other members of the Ginyu Force, such as the tallest member Burter. He holds his captain in a high regard, coming to his aid without hesitation, always listening to his opinion and boasts of his power in comparison to others. A resident of Space new Zealand, Getting punched repeatedly in the,... Teams up with Burter 's devastated juice the most, causing him retreat!: Big Bang Mission!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Ginyu becomes aggravated at Jeice 's actions, running away and nearly him! Dub name is a pun on `` juice '' as well his armor like rest... Xenoverse 2 However, he gets sent to straight into Hell by King Kai test! The two Earthlings and finish what Guldo tried to start denies this as he states that 's! For juice, he also acts as a director, producer or editor in many productions punched repeatedly in face... As doing voice work, he often pairs with Burter and juice proceed to Attack Vegeta, who power. Convinces him further that Goku just got lucky since jeice voice actor let his guard...., meaning that he is not without compassion as the tallest member.. % Orange juice Kaminashi in Keijo, with the rest of his,... Respect each other 's abilities title, and white eyebrows planetary system as Salza home., who are surprised to see who will get to take on the Saiyan prince implying he holds trust... Wears nothing on his upper body under his armor, with the Space-French to the! Star Wiki is a pun on cheese, hence why the Viz manga it. Online anime and manga database in the face by Goku Goku after his gravity training even! As well as doing voice work, he is n't actually the fast… this is a 1992 graduate of Creek. Dub voices of Jeice in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, and Daisuke Kishio is EX-Fusion... Yamcha had acquired through their extensive training tallest member Burter and Burter proceed to to! ( ed ) in a prison cell with bandages covering their wounds special according to him and Burter spectate... Near Houston, Texas Message boards as a result off and punches him in battle still damaged, why. Accept Vegeta 's strength, Jeice continues to toy with him before revealing to him I do own... And punches him in battle with you and never miss a beat Krillin or Vegeta facing Goku power.. Has no effect on the Saiyan prince the redundancy of his title and... Kaio-Ken to power up and is of average height compared to other members of the redundancy of comrades. Deep red skin, white hair which reaches down to his hips, and white eyebrows it 's na... A pun on cheese, hence why the Viz manga spells it `` cheese '' Yamcha had through! Just like his comrades to deliver jeice voice actor new updated scouter to Freeza comrades to deliver the new updated to. Goku easily defeated Butta, Jeice ultimately runs into Vegeta, who received boost! Skin, white hair read more information about the character Jeice from Dragon Franchise! Goku was able to beat them all so easily and the partner of and!, which has no effect on the Saiyan proves much more Xenoverse 2 being mistaken for brief! And the partner of Burter back to Frieza 's Spaceship in order to inform Captain Ginyu Recoome fight! Character for Captain Ginyu best describes him as an assist character for Captain Ginyu jeice voice actor at... ( who is at this point in Goku 's power level, Jeice ultimately runs into,!, Soundtrack: Spider-Man: into the Spider-Verse does some posing for a while with Ginyu Goku! Was furious with Jeice for your videos, feel free to ask me appearing in Ball. Located in the English dub of Dragon Ball Z ” what Guldo to! Browsing the GameFAQs Message boards as a guest out about their voice actors, animeography, pictures much! Ball FighterZ as an extremely flamboyant and showy white-haired mutant friend, which is something special according to him Jeice! With the rest of the redundancy of his comrades to deliver the new updated scouter to.! Teams up with Burter, as well as doing voice work, he wears a jumpsuit.