about Farm Legend: Double Majors Require 225 Units, Other Resources for Graduate and Professional School Planning, Peer Subject Tutoring and Language Conversation Practice, Tutoring for Students with Learning Differences, Support for Students with Learning Differences. Think critically about the visual arts and visual culture and focus on the meaning of images and media, and their historical development, roles in society, and relationships to disciplines such as literature, music, and philosophy. All courses for the CS minor must be taken for a letter grade and the average GPA must be at least 2.0. 521 Memorial Way. Explore a variety of perspectives in Chinese language, culture, and history. Middle Eastern Language, Literature and Culture. Management Science and Engineering 9. Develop the critical vocabulary and intellectual framework for understanding the role of cinema and related media within broad cultural and historical concepts. The PhD minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies equips graduate students pursuing PhDs with broad interdisciplinary knowledge in the field and prepares them to teach courses in the field. Taking the appropriate math and sciences courses in the early years will be a great help throughout the undergraduate program. Provides students with historical, critical, and practical knowledge about theater and performance. The minor in Spanish is for students who want to combine acquisition of linguistic competence with the study of the literatures and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Undergraduate students can minor in Global Studies with a specialization in Iranian Studies. Students who wish to add or remove a secondary major should do so through Axess under the main drop down menu, "declare major/minor". Designed to give students a global view as well as an in-depth interdisciplinary study in one of six specializations. This degree introduces fundamental biological and biophysical principles while developing strengths in traditional engineering areas, specifically mechanical engineering. Combining hands-on architectural design studios Your professors, lecturers, and instructors are interesting people who do fascinating and important work, and getting to know them is a great way to engage with our intellectual community. Consider questions and issues in feminism, gender, and sexuality through the intersection of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and asexuality to consider interlocking oppression. Courses used to fulfill the minor may not be used to fulfill any other department degree requirements (major or minor). Typical Program; How to Graduate. Be immersed in the theories and empirical studies of human behavior. Getting to Stanford Majors Minor Honors Coterm Graduate FAQs ... Student Services Office Financial Aid Main Content. Teaches students to develop and apply their foreign language knowledge to the production and analysis of translations. A major is not the only way to earn an official label that signals your interests and the skills you have developed at Stanford. Focus on democracy, economic development, and rule of law subjects in any university department to earn honors in democracy, development, and rule of law. If you are pursuing a minor you must complete a Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval Form through the eForms portal via Axess. Study the mathematics basic to all the mathematical sciences and an introduction to concepts and techniques of computation, optimal decision making, probabilistic modeling and statistical inference. Students must apply in Axess for the B.A. Understanding and interfacing with complex living systems is at the heart of bioengineering with applications ranging from advancing human health to promoting environmental sustainability. Stanford Undergrad is your guide to undergraduate academics and opportunities found within the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. Learn more about the Majors site. Explore how global, regional and domestic factors influence relations between actors on the world stage. Some other credentials include minors, notations, certificates, and interdisciplinary honors programs. The Master of Laboratory Animal Science (MLAS) program in the Department of Comparative Medicine is a flexible, one year Coterminal program designed for students who want to pursue advanced careers in biomedical research, focusing on animal modeli. Units taken for the minor can be counted as part of the overall requirement for the Ph.D. of 135 units done at Stanford. Be exposed to a variety of perspectives in Japanese language, culture, and history through training in writing and communication, literature, and civilization. An interdisciplinary program that engages students in the process of evaluating policy options and outcomes. © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. The Iranian Studies Program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of modern Iranian society, culture, politics, and economy. Students with a double major or a minor should be aware: Only Math 50/60CM/60DM series and first-year calculus can be double counted. Some other credentials include minors, notations, certificates, and interdisciplinary honors programs. If you would like to discuss any of the programs with a current student, please contact one of our Peer Advisors. Materials Science and Engineering 10. Explore the artistic, historical, humanistic, political, and social dimensions of Asian Americans, including: artistic and cultural contributions; current social significance; historical experiences; immigration, intellectual, and policy issues. The Symposium of Research and Public Service (SURPS or ASURPS) is a great place to go to learn more about particular majors. Apply for the Minor through AXESS. CSA facilitates research and convenes events on topics relevant to deepening the understanding of South Asia, which includes Ban. The minor will provide students with the knowledge of exploratory and … Courses such as: HUMBIO 88, HUMBIO 89, CME 106 (ENGR 155C), CS 109, ECON 102A, EDUC 400A, EPI 259 (HRP 259), EPI 262 (HRP 262), SOC 180B, STATS 116, STATS 141 (BIOSCI 141). Transfer Students. Contact the Student Services Specialist. The goal of the program is to bring together graduate students and faculty from various departments, programs, and schools who address FGSS issues in their research. All changes to the major, minor, or secondary majors can be done through Axess as … Understand what it means to think historically: locating subjects in time and place and being sensitive to the contingencies of context and to change over time. Art History Art Practice Art Practice+CS Joint Major Film & Media Studies. Declaring a major is a milestone in a student's academic career. Yes, you can! The Statistics Department will accept letter grade or credit for all minor courses for 2020-21 academic year. 2020-21 Civil Engineering UG Degree Programs (CE-BS, BAS, BASH, BSH, Secondary, MINOR) UG Director: Prof Ronaldo Borja, 277C Y2E2, borja@stanford.edu Student Services: Jill Filice, 316 Y2E2, jill.filice@stanford.edu Departmental Chair: Lynn Hildemann, hildemann@stanford.edu — ABET ACCREDITATION CRITERIA APPLY — Civil engineers plan, design, construct and sustain the built indicating which courses you plan to apply toward each major and any minor(s). Many students start taking the introductory CS106 courses with no prior experience coding. The minor can also focus on musical aspects of a non-Music major such as American Studies, Anthropology, Area Studies, Computer Science, CSRE, TAPS, etc. The program explores how global, regional, and domestic factors influence relations between actors on the world stage. The minor will provide students with the knowledge of exploratory and confirmatory data analyses of diverse data types (e.g. Explore the principal areas of linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, historical linguistics, and sociolinguistics) and gain the skills to do more advanced work in these subfields. The minor in Mathematical and Computational Science is intended to provide an experience of the four constituent areas: Computer Science, Mathematics, Management Science and Engineering, and Statistics. For students interested in the theory of statistics and/or probability, or for students who wish to apply statistical and probabilistic methods to a substantive area. See the ... No courses other than the Math 50/60CM/60DM series may be double-counted toward any other University major or minor. While Comparative Literature seeks to prepare its students for reading and research in the languages and histories of different societies and periods, it is also dedicated to their critical and cultural analysis. Independently investigate complex environmental problems caused by human activities in interaction with natural changes in the Earth system. Study the German language, linguistics, literature, culture, and thought. Use advanced computational techniques to address questions in biology and medicine. Majors and minors are eligible to apply for departmental … A multidisciplinary community working together to reveal new perspectives on medieval and early modern studies. //--> The minor in Portuguese are for students who want to combine acquisition of linguistic competence with the study of the literatures and cultures of the Lusophone world. © Stanford University, Stanford, California 94305. [CDATA[//>